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Where are my files stored?

Not generated collections

"Generation only" Collections

If you are using the app on the "generation only" package, your set up and all the rules are saved locally on your browser cache. Previews will load on the browser cache and MP4/GIF preview will be limited to your browser´s capabilities

"Bronze/Silver/Gold Pass" Collections

If you decide to upgrade to either of the passes, your collection set up will be saved on cloud which presents a couple of benefits such as: real time viewers, MP4/GIF preview, no risk of losing your set up...

Generated collections

When you generate a collection we will store the generated files for 90 days and will be available to download for that entire duration, after that the files will not be available to download.

When you deploy a contract we will upload the files to IPFS and they will be pinned for 90 days, after that you will need to move your files to your IPFS account and pin them.

Updated on: 18/07/2023

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