We currently only handle collections of 24GB or less but you can still deploy a smart contract by uploading your collection to IPFS yourself. This 4 step guide will help you through the process.

Step 1 - Converting the assets folder
This step can be skipped if you are using Pinata or Dreamlink.

When you download your collection as a zip file, you will extract an assets folder and a metadata folder. Now, we need to convert all the files from the assets
to a car (content addressed archive).

Visit https://car.ipfs.io/, click on "Open File PIcker" and select ALL the files in the assets folder. Now scroll down the page and click "Download".

Step 2 - Uploading the assets folder
You will need to create an account on one of the following services to upload your files to IPFS. Feel free to choose another one if preferred. Follow the signup steps and upload the car file generated in the previous step.

Once uploaded, you should see an IPFS cid. Save this value somewhere since we will need in the next step.

nft.storage (free)
https://www.dreamlink.cloud/ (free)
https://pinata.cloud/ (paid)

Step 3 - Regenerate your metadata
Visit https://nft-generator.art/metadata, click "choose file" and find the file named metadata.json in your metadata folder. This should populate the collection name and description if you had one.
In the "Image Url Prefix" text box, you will paste the following information: ipfs://REPLACE_WITH_CID_FROM_PREVIOUS_STEP/ (do not forget the ending /) and click "Generate".

Step 4 - Upload the metadata
Repeat Step 1 but select ALL the metadata files that you just regenerated and download the car for the metadata.
Repeat Step 2 but upload your metadata car and save the metadata cid.

Step 5 - Smart Contract
Finally, return to your account page and create a new smart-contract but choose "I have my own collection".

Step 6 - Verify your metadata (optional)
Choose an IPFS gateway from the list one https://ipfs.github.io/public-gateway-checker/ and replace the CID from the url.

Example #1:

"name": "Doodle Fruit #1",
"description": "Six unique types of cute fruit characters.",
"external_url": "https://nft-generator.art/",
"image": "ipfs://bafybeih6td5tppm4bwwaznwdzj3zqgpa2jktfcq3xa3ououos6e2cxgq7a/1.png",
"attributes": []

Example #2:
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