How to setup a whitelist manager?

The Whitelist Manager allows you to create a link that can only be accessed by specific members of your Discord server. These members will be invited to log in with their Discord and wallet credentials to confirm that they can join the whitelist. Once accepted, we'll save their wallet address and make it easy for you to import all the members into your smart contract's whitelist.

Setup Instructions

Connect Your Discord Account

First, connect your account with Discord. Then, go back to the Whitelist Manager page and you'll see a list of the Discord servers you're a part of. Select the server you're using to manage your NFT collection.

Find the Role ID to Use for the Whitelist

In Discord, go to the selected server and send a message (in any channel) with the text @RoleName, where "RoleName" is the name of the role dedicated to your whitelist. This will display the Role ID (e.g. <@&807550086828523570>). The Role ID is the text between <@& and >. In this example, the Role ID would be "807550086828523570".

Set the Role ID

Paste the Role ID into the Whitelist Management section, along with the role's corresponding name. Finally, press the "Save" button to apply the changes.

Updated on: 01/01/2023

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